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IndiafirstNews regularly publishes news stories and informative articles on a variety of topics. Thousands of real human visitors read our new stories daily.  Many of them share them on their social networks. Our traffic is a mix of both new users and repeat visitors. Our audience primarily comes from search engines like Google. Search engine traffic is considered high quality targeted traffic and as a result, has a tendency of converting well. Our visitors are usually hungry for new insights and information. Your Ads will have greater chances of reaching targeted audience and therefore converting.

Types of Ads we allow

We only run ads both text and display on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost per click) basis. Cost per click is run with only selective long-term advertisers.

Apart from advertisement on our front page which receives highest number of impressions and clicks, we also offer sitewide & individual category wise ad-targeting. You will have control to run your ads on categories of your choosing. This will ensure that your ads get only relevant impressions.

How to make Payment

Your ad will first need to be approved and then tested on live platform. You can pay after your ad is finalized and it goes live.
Payments can be made by Debit Card, Credit Card or by PayPal.

We are committed to building positive relationships! You will be delighted by how important we consider your partnership. You can email us at

hello [at] anytime with questions, we are happy to learn about your unique business and target audience!

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