3 Bridal Trends to Follow in 2024



Being a bride is a “dream comes true” moment. It’s a dream that every girl manifest since her childhood. But when the big day arrives, most of us go blank. All the brides out there can relate. There is so much to pick from. The struggle is indeed real. Being a bride is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and thus there is no scope for error. To help all the 2023 brides, we have come up with some latest bridal trends that might help you in figuring out what you desire. We will help you to come close to your dream bridal look.  So, let’s begin.

Bridal Trends for 2024

Ditch Red

Red is indeed a color that comes to your mind the moment you think of a wedding dress or bridal outfit but if you desire something trending and unique then you must have fun with colors.  If you desire to make heads turn then go for other colors like peach, golden, or grey. These colors are becoming bridal colors at an astronomical speed. Remember, soon-to-be mother, Alia Bhatt’s wedding attire?

Now, you know what I mean.

Minimal Makeup

If you’re a girl who doesn’t like drama then why go for dramatic makeup looks? Minimal makeup is cool, bossy, sassy, and trendy. Go for nude lipstick and ditch that heavy eye makeup. Though a little glitter won’t hurt anyone’s eyes.  The subtle shine on your face with peachy-pink cheeks and unkempt tresses on your face with a floral bun will undoubtedly have the onlookers swooning. Be as close as possible to your real self. Let your smile be the centre of attention. After all. Happy brides are the happiest.

Strike a Contrast Between Jewellery and Outfit

Jewellery that matches the outfit gets lost in the outfit. They don’t come out on their own. That’s why it is important to go for jewelry that is in contrast to the lehenga that you’re wearing. You can go for mirrorwork jewelry as well. They give your look extra shine and glitter. Each piece of your jewellery must speak for itself.

We have dished all the trends that will dominate the coming wedding season but brides must go for things that they relate to when it comes to their wedding looks. For instance, your wedding outfit needs to be an extension of your personality. An ideal wedding dress is one that makes the bride feel comfortable, gorgeous, and confident.



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