5 Restaurants to Visit When in Mumbai!



“Mumbai is a city of dreams”

People across India and the world visit Mumbai to fulfill their dream of having a decent living. You have a lot to see from your favorite Bollywood stars to the famous Juhu beach. But one thing about Mumbai that is underrated or unexplored is its restaurant collection. Restaurants in Mumbai offer numerous cuisines from across the globe that are a must-try.
Mumbai is known for its high-octane nightlife and bustling lifestyle. It’s true that there’s never a dull moment in the city; scores of restaurants and resto-bars don’t let it happen. If you’re planning to visit ‘Amchi Mumbai’, you must visit the following mentioned restaurants as it will be an experience to remember.
Let’s have a look at the list.

The Table

This restaurant is a pioneer when it comes to places for dinner list. It adopts international culinary trends and applies them to a local context. The Table is an absolute go-to spot if you’re craving a magnificently special meal.

The Bombay Canteen

The Bombay Canteen, which is housed in a former colonial villa, has a rich history of its own. TBC transformed the way a whole city eats by offering contemporary takes on traditional Indian fare. Additionally, it’s just a nice place to have a bite to eat — excellent for spending time with friends or family.

One8 Commune

The renowned Kishore Kumar Bungalow in Juhu welcomes One8 Commune, a series of restaurants founded by Virat Kohli. The eatery is a tribute to the late Kishore Kumar. With a menu that is well-known around the world and a focus on fresh, healthy food, the restaurant features a beautifully designed interior.

The Clearing House

Since The Clearing House is located in a relatively calm area, it serves as an oasis in the midst of Mumbai’s hectic but charming neighborhoods. The restaurant is divided into two areas: an inviting sunlit foyer for Sunday brunch and a moodier room for dinner. You’ll eat modern western food that has been given an eastern twist. Think of dishes that may include a dash of teriyaki sauce, a sprinkling of edamame, or a touch of kimchi.

Bambaiya, Juhu

Mumbai is home to many different cultures, thus a restaurant named Bambaiya has been established to provide meals from all of them. The menus are curated by the restaurant’s creators, chefs Ritesh Tulsian and Anees Khan, each of whom has a specialization in cooking.

If you are looking for new restaurants to have a good meal with an uplifting ambiance in the backdrop, now you know where to go. So, choose your favorite and take your family and friends.



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