6 Apps to use in 2024 for Marketing Purposes



Branding and promotion are something that no company can escape in today’s highly competitive world. Because it is the only factor that helps a business to attract more customers and buyers to their products and services. With traditional marketing and promotion channels, attracting new customers to a new brand is tough. Because of the high cost, lack of performance tracking, and limited reach to customers. This is where digital marketing comes into the picture.

As we live in a digitally dominated world, we must stay active on all social media platforms to keep our brand alive and popular among the masses. Certain apps will help you in this pursuit and in this article, we will be talking about them in detail. The apps are both suited towards business owners as well as solopreneurs. 

WhatsApp Business

The finest platform for consumer involvement and brand promotion is WhatsApp Business, the marketing and online promotion tool that is a part of WhatsApp. For small firms looking to market to a certain niche market, it is highly helpful.  Also, you must leverage the power of Whatsapp Business API for your company. There are excellent third party tools available in market like AISensy, Interakt, Wati that help you make powerful use of Whatsapp for organisations.


Instagram is a social media site where users can post pictures and videos. It is a good platform for sharing content to advertise your company in the form of images, videos, infographics, and stories. To market your brand, you can set up a business presence on Instagram. Instagram Ads may be used to boost client interaction and produce leads for your company. Due to its high active user-base & trending reels, a lot of companies are flocking to Instagram and paying popular active influencers well on the platform.


Facebook dominates all social media platforms with 2 billion users per day. If your online marketing is excluding Facebook then you are neglecting a huge session of your potential customers and this can bring huge losses to your company. Facebook is the major social media platform for entertainment where people share texts, images, videos, and stories. You can directly interact with your potential customers through Facebook lives and can strengthen your bond with them.


WordPress is precisely used to make your website worth visiting. Your website is the place where you can interact with your potential customers and can resolve their queries. Your website needs to be informative and visually appealing and WordPress will help you in this pursuit.  WordPress lets you get started for free, but if you’re a business you’ll most likely want to pay to unlock the most useful functionality. Their small business pricing plans start at £27/$36 monthly or £240/$322 annually.


As we live in a world where what we see matters a lot, the graphics that you use in your campaigns play a crucial role in deciding their success of it. and to make the graphics visually appealing, you must use Canva. Using Canvas’s impressive library of stock elements and templates, lets you easily create and collaborate on graphics for your campaigns, social media feeds, or blog posts.

Google Analytics

Whenever your boss asks you, “what did that campaign result in?”, Google Analytics is where you will your answer. this app is used to get the performance data so that you get clarity of what is working for the brand and what’s not. It’s got data on website sessions, audience demographics, content performance, and page load times. And that’s just scratching the surface.  Stay tuned for more high quality apps for effective digital marketing. 




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