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Delhi, officially known as the national capital territory of India is the capital city of the Indian subcontinent. This small historic city is visited by many tourists from all over the world, throughout the year. The city houses almost everything. It has historical places to visit, religious places- temples, monasteries, beautifully structures monuments, samadhis of famous people and a lot more. There are water bodies in the place like river Yamuna and several lakes which gives us such a wonderful view and pleasure.

It is always fun to travel to Delhi. But from travelling point of view and to make your visit comfortable and pleasurable, I suggest that you visit the city at the time when it is not rainy much and not too hot either. In summers, you will turn crazy with the scorching heat and the unbearable temperature. The weather of this entire country is unpredictable, in winters the temperature is at its extremes and in summers as well. Summer stretches from April to mid-October, monsoon season falls in between the summer months. Winter starts in October and the minimum temperature in January goes as low as 3 degree celsius. Peak summer soars to 47 degree celsius.


Undoubtedly one can visit Delhi throughout the year. But the best time to Delhi travel is from October to mid-April. During this period the climate is pleasant. Winter is chilly in Delhi as yet the tourist can adjust with the climate.

Soaring summer is more irritating than the winter. As tourist can have options to wrap up with winter clothes. During the spring seasons city is at its full beauty. From the months of February to April Delhi has a pleasant climate. Still, winter season remains the best time to visit Delhi as a great deal of Delhi festivals are celebrated during this period. Delhi becomes a vibrant city in the festive season.

During the period of October to mid-April, the festivals celebrated in Delhi are Diwali, Dussehra, Color festival Holi, Durga Puja, Christmas, New Year, Guru Nanak’s birthday, etc. During the festive season, markets are flooded with new items and delicious food. Even the Republic Day celebrated on January 26 is a great event in Delhi. Tourist visiting Delhi at the time can enjoy the grand celebration of Republic day. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with a heterogeneous cultural society. The different cultural and religion groups celebrate their festivals with great pomp and show. So tourist will like to explore the festive mood of Delhi during this period. One can enjoy these festivals if plans a Delhi tour during this time period.

Days in summer are too hot and humid to feel like travelling places. The maximum temperature soars to 47 degree Celsius. Loo winds sometimes blow in summer. Yet if one can adjust with the soaring heat, she can visit Delhi in summer as well. Summer is hectic and noisy as the domestic tourists from all over the country visit this city as a holiday tour.

Being a national capital Delhi is a vibrant city throughout the year. All the political and social events take place in the capital city. Besides exploration of the heritage monuments one will have a chance to explore the political and social happenings of the city. Delhi tour packages are designed according to the preference of the tourists as some like summer than severe winter. People have a choice of climate as well. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Delhi and thinking of best time to visit Delhi, we will say best wait for winters or spring to arrive and then travel. I am sure you will love it.



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