IELTS Academic Exam Preparation – The Ultimate Guide for Students



Every student who wants to pursue higher studies abroad needs to take the IELTS. Securing a high score in IELTS for study Abroad is necessary for an aspirant. Proving proficiency in the English language is paramount for students who aim to study a UG or PG degree course abroad. All reputed colleges and universities abroad review IELTS scores before admitting an applicant who hails from a non-English-speaking nation.

IELTS is the most accepted English language exam, so qualifying it matters the most. Higher education institutes prioritise the IELTS mark because it reflects an applicant’s ability to comprehend, write, read, and speak English. Top institutions worldwide want to ensure that applicants can understand lectures in English, in addition to performing coursework and all research activities.

Proper preparation for the IELTS exam can enable an aspirant to achieve a higher score. The most prudent step is to obtain complete assistance from a leading study abroad consultant. Equipping yourself with the requisite knowledge and skills can help study abroad aspirants excel in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Main Four Sections of the IELTS Exam

The primary four sections or papers of the IELTS test are mentioned below:

  • Listening: Examinees must listen to different academic context recordings and answer relevant questions fluently in English.
  • Reading: Reading lengthy English paragraphs and answering various comprehension questions is necessary for examinees.
  • Writing: This paper includes two tasks. The first is to summarise data using a chart, graph, or diagram. The second is to write an essay on a particular topic.
  • Speaking: To qualify for the IELTS academic test, an aspirant needs to speak English confidently without making many errors. Examiners usually have a one-on-one conversation with examinees during the test. They only ensure how proficient aspirants are in discussing different topics fluently in English.

IELTS Exam: Registration Process, Centre and Cost

The IELTS test registration process is quick and hassle-free. It is essential to select a suitable test date at the centre. Then, one has to create an account online and proceed with booking and fee payment. It is normal to expect a confirmation email 5-7 days prior to the exam. Choose a nearby centre to take the IELTS exam, which occurs nearly 48 times every year. A student who aspires to study Abroad with IELTS needs to pay around 190 pounds each time to sit the test.

How to Secure Higher Marks in IELTS?

Crafting a winning strategy beforehand for each section is imperative. Here’s what an aspirant should do.

Listening Section

  • Develop an interest in listening to podcasts, lectures and documentaries in English
  • Focus on sharpening listening skills
  • Start noting down the key-phrases and words in a concise manner when you listen to something in English

Reading Section

  • Prioritise expanding academic vocabulary
  • Improving the skills to skim and scan is essential
  • Aspirants must familiarise themselves with various sorts of questions

Writing Section

  • Paying importance to understanding the structure of a sentence matters the most
  • Work on improving writing tone and style
  • Consistently writing on a wide range of academic topics is necessary for IELTS examinees

Speaking Section

  • Devote sufficient time to speaking English fluently
  • Try to speak English on your own even when no one is there to engage in a conversation
  • Improving critical thinking and reasoning skills can prove beneficial during the IELTS test

You will undoubtedly secure a higher score in the IELTS exam if you implement the aforementioned strategies. Another crucial step is to contact The Scorp, one of the most sought-after Study Abroad consultants Delhi. IELTS success won’t remain a dream if you concentrate on continuous improvement. Practising consistently with a positive mindset can help you crack the IELTS exam.



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