Top 7 Dog Breeds in India



Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most preferred choices for Indians. They are smart and loving and make a great family dog. preferred choices for Indians.

One of the gentle dog amongst Families.

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
LargeAgile, gentle,
kind, Intelligent, Sharp
Sporting10 – 14 years


Known for its peculiar physical features, this breed of dog is one of the most likeable dogs in India. It is playful and affectionate with children. It is one of the smallest dogs in the world. It is quite lazy dog Breed.

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
SmallDocile, Clever,
Quiet, Charming, Lazy
Toy12 – 15 years


Dalmatian Breed Information

Dalmatian is a unique dog breed known for its black or brown spotted coat on white background. They are smart, playful and active. They are very good among their Owners.

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
MediumEnergetic, Sensitive,
Active, Outgoing
Non-sporting10 – 13 years


Intelligent, loyal and strong are the words used to describe this breed of dogs. Rottweilers make good guard dogs. They are mostly used for police and military work. As they are very steady Dogs..

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
Working8 – 10 years


Beagle Dog Breed Information

Beagles are known for being good with kids. They are fun-loving and energetic. This makes them great family dogs.

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
SmallDetermined, excitable,
amiable, Gentle
Hound12 – 15 years

Indian Spitz

40 Spitz Dog Breeds That Like to Be Cool

This is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in India. It is very attractive and makes an ideal pet for Indian families. This breed of dog is almost always confused for the Pomeranian dog breed.

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
SmallKind, Intelligent,
Active, Athletic
Toy10 – 14 years

German Shepherd

What Are the Five Types of German Shepherds? | K9U

German shepherds as breeds are considered to be one of the most intelligent. They are smart and intuitive. They are mostly used as guard dogs and for police and military work. This Breed is also called as the most bravest amongst all..

SizeCharacteristicsGroupLife Expectancy
LargeLoyal, obedient,
watchful, courageous
Herding9 – 13 years



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