Top Chai franchises in India



Racism loses in India when people prefer ‘sawali’ chai over ‘safeed’ milk.

This immense love for tea among Indians has paved the way for India’s birth of several Chai franchises. Chai is not limited to small stalls now. Chai lovers’ demand for a sophisticated place to enjoy their tea time has forced entrepreneurs in India to invest in Chai franchises.

Let’s get closer to such Chai Franchises in India that are generating huge revenues by serving tea to all tea lovers across India.

Chai Point

Chai Point is established by Amuleek Singh Bijral in 2010 and within a few years of its establishment, it has become a famous name among chai lovers. It was first limited to Bengaluru but is now serving Delhi and Pune people as well.

He said having chai at tapir in dirty glasses is not the right way; thus, he came up with ‘Chai Point’. He also stated that they are the largest player in the market.

Chai Sutta Bar

Back in 2016, two passionate entrepreneurs, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak started a venture called ‘Chai Sutta Bar’. Today, it has 135+ outlets in 4 countries. Their specialty is that they serve go-to-beverage, chai, in a khulhad to give it an aesthetic touch.

Tea House

India is one of those highly tea-consuming countries, tea has always been part of their daily drinks. And this fact gave birth to one of the leading chai ventures, ‘Tea House’.

Tea House is remarkably known for its wide range of tea brands in India with the best quality in every granule. They are spread into clusters of tea outlets extending a variety of tea, coolers, and milkshakes that can change your mood in seconds.


Relaxing clients is the utmost priority of Chaayos; for that, they serve hot tea with mouth-watering snacks. Sunshine Teahouse Private Limited, known as ‘Chaayos’, was formed to create a unique tea experience for the consumers of India.

Chaayos introduced the concept of customized tea where customers can have any tea that they desire. They can mention the ingredients they wish to have in their tea. All their products are fresh and of optimum quality and not frozen.

They ensure that their tea can be made in 80,000 ways, meaning you have 80,000 types to choose from.

MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore, MBA Chai Wala’s owner, has inspired millions of Indian youngsters. He is an internet sensation. He motivated them to invest in something of their own rather than being mediocre in an MNC.

He started selling tea through a stall and today he is having branches of his company in more than 100 locations across several states in India. He often encouraged youngsters to do something out of the box if they wish to create history.

Chai is the second most consumed thing after oxygen in India. This unrecognized chai space in India is worth $10 billion. It’s the right time to tap in and generate huge revenues.



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