Why Gender Equality is Imperative to Attain?



It is indeed tough for women to make a mark in this male chauvinist society but is it easy for a male to be a kathak or belly dancer? Will he not be judged or mocked? Will his muscularity not be questioned?

Unfortunately, this world is not kind to anyone be it male, female, or transgender. Certain pseudo-norms are prevailing in society for decades that set territory for each gender and if anyone dares to cross that territory or invade another territory, they will be shamed and mercilessly trolled. This society will question anyone who dares to break the ceiling and decides to go against societal norms. People will drag you down the moment you decide to fly high. Thus, when we talk about gender equality, the conversation goes beyond ‘female rights.’

Gender equality means the freedom to choose. It refers to the liberty of being themselves and the power to follow their passion. None’s choices must be questioned. This gender equality will bring a profusion of benefits along with it. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

Boost in the Economy

A Country in which no gender is treated differently and everyone is given an equal opportunity is bound to see the desired heights. When everyone’s utmost potential is used, the possibility of success astronomically multiplies. Gender equality can have a positive impact on the economy of the country as each of its citizens is giving their best to take their country to infinite heights. This will make every member of the country its biggest asset rather than a liability.

Communities will be Safer and Healthier

A community, where each gender has its voice and is not dominated by a single section of society is safer and worth living in. Unequal societies are less cohesive. There will be conflicts, disagreements, and violence.
Such a society is specially not an apt place for children to be a part of as their minds are fragile. Such conflicts will have a drastic impact on their mental health and thus must be prevented.

A Fair Environment

Empathy is the last thing our generation is showing. Fake masculinity, homophobic nature, and the disparity in the pay scale make the world ugly. We all deserve a fair world that doesn’t decide your worth based on your gender but rather decides it based on merit.

A world where a female’s intelligence or driving skills won’t be doubted, a male’s muscularity won’t be as fragile as to get damaged by putting on some makeup, or a transgender’s ability to be a leader won’t be questioned, will be an ideal place to be in. Steps are being taken to create a society that promotes gender equality but there’s a long way to go. We need to be each other’s strength on this journey of attaining equality while replacing old systems based on discrimination and outdated mindsets.

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