3 Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrator for an Asthma patient



Oxygen is a gas that makes up 21% of the air a person breathes. The body utilizes oxygen to provide energy for various processes. The value of oxygen can be understood by people who have respiratory concerns.  Oxygen therapy is one treatment people can use to treat severe respiratory issues like asthma attacks. Doctors across the world recommend these therapies on regular basis to ensure the well-being of asthma patients.
These therapies need to be on time to ensure that the patient’s condition is under-checked and there is no risk. But going to a hospital or clinic regularly makes the life of an asthma patient quite miserable. That’s when portable oxygen concentrators come into the picture. There are many more benefits that these oxygen concentrators have to offer to asthma patients. Let’s have a look at these benefits.

Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Gives patients the freedom of mobility

One of the major problems that asthma patients face is that they are unable to enjoy everyday activities like going out with friends for coffee or movie dates or a walk in the park.
But with these lightweight concentrators, these patients can easily perform everyday activities just like other normal people. They don’t have to stop themselves from enjoying the fun of life.
Traveling becomes much more convenient, as does moving around on your own when you’re at the location you were traveling to. They’re also allowed on flights, so you can go on longer trips off the table with oxygen tanks.

Bestow a peaceful sleep

The value of peaceful sleep is only known by asthma patients who lack it. They seek ways to get a nice sleep that keeps their mind active and sound.

If you have low oxygen levels, you may have trouble breathing and falling and staying asleep. Oxygen concentrators can enable you to breathe more conveniently and get the rest that you need.
This will keep the patient productive and good to take on any task.

Helps in boosting the stamina

Low oxygen leads to lower energy. Going up a flight of stairs may make you feel tired and weak depending on the severity of your condition. A portable oxygen concentrator will bestow you with the oxygen supply you need to move as you need, and be mobile enough to come with. Asthma patients will have the stamina to take over the world just like other people around them. They can enjoy tracking and cycling just like their friends.  Being an asthma patient is not easy. You crave things that other people usually take for granted. Asthma patients often feel that they are inferior to others and just can’t compete with the world as they are incapable to do so. But with the popularity of portable oxygen concentrators, asthma patient can enjoy their lives to the fullest. They don’t have to compromise in any aspect of their due to their illness.



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