6 Tips for Perfect Skincare in Summer



Skin needs different care in different seasons. For example, summer comes with other concerns, such as the scorching sun or hot and humid weather, which can also impact the skin. Moreover, it is important to keep a healthy skin routine as it directly impacts your outward appearance and makes you confident.

Skincare in Summer Tips

In summers, skin care should be taken seriously as the scorching heat dehydrates the body and it affects the skin immediately.  Before following the skincare tips, you must also get to know about your skin. First, identify your skin type and only use the products matching with your skin type. To have healthy glowing skin this summer, use the following suggestions by IndiaFirstNews to create the perfect summer skincare routine.


Organic summer skincare begins with the right cleansing product. A product that is tailored to the skin type of a person. If you have oily-combination skin, go for the foaming or gel-based cleaner. If you have dry skin, use the moisturizing cleaner.


It is essential to remove dead skin cells to ensure cell turnover and unveil healthy skin. Exfoliation should be done periodically to achieve this. However, please do not overdo it because the purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells. If you go overboard, it starts removing vital skin oils. Exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub for 2-3 occasions in a week. Target the parts that tend to be coarse or break out, such as the middle of the face or the T-zone.


More attention has to be paid to the process of skin hydration, especially during summertime. Select an oil-free moisturizer, as it should not feel heavy and greasy on your skin. It should be light in consistency. It is advisable to apply the moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed so that the skin can be nourished when it is most supple.

Sun Protection

Ensuring that your skin is shielded against high UV radiation is crucial depending on the season, particularly in the summer. Also, ensure that you wear protective clothing. Use lotion with sunscreen of at least broad-spectrum SPF 30 daily, regardless of the weather. Choose a product with a water-resistant tag to ensure that the sunscreen does not wash off easily and has protection from both UVA & UVB rays.


It will be effective to include antioxidants in the list of products you use during the summer. They decrease the level of free radicals in skin cells. These are formed due to the influence of the sun and different pollutants. Vitamin C serums are a great addition because they lighten and tone the skin and improve collagen manufacturing. After washing the skin or before moisturizing, use an antioxidant serum in the morning.

Cooling and Soothing Treatments

For sensitive skin, especially if you’re red and inflamed after spending time in the sun, it’s best to stock up on cooling products. For quicker relief, one can use an aerosol containing aloe vera gel or hyaluronic acid to soothe and refresh the lips. These products should be stored in a refrigerator. If they are cold while applying, they help calm inflamed skin after a long day in the sun.

Skin care practices should not be rigid, especially during summer, to enhance skin radiance. First, the skin must be cleansed. Then, you should be gently exfoliated to remove the remnants of sunscreen and excess dead skin cells, followed by hydration. Protection against the sun’s rays and the incorporation of antioxidants into your diet is essential as well.

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