An Ultimate Style Guide for Pear-Shaped Women



Women often complain about their body type. Especially in the case of a pear-shaped body. As the upper body looks slim but the lower body makes them look chubby. This mismatch creates trouble when selecting the apt piece of cloth that make their body look symmetrical.

Let us first understand what a pear-shaped body is.

A pear shape has wider hips and a smaller upper body, but silhouettes, colors, and accessories can change the visual perception of the body, making you look more balanced and proportional. If you are reading this article, then you must have this body type and you must be looking for dresses that suit your body and give it the desired shape. We are here with a list of women’s outwear that will suit your body type.

Outwear for Pear-shaped Women Body types

Floral dress with frill

Dresses that have an umbrella cut are best for you as they will hide the shape of your lower body. Such dresses will hide the bulky part of your body and will make you look fit and sexy. These dresses are best for day outings, and you can pair them with high heels and must complete the look with nude makeup. Going over the top can ruin the entire look.

Go for a vertical design top

When looking for prints, you must avoid prints with horizontal stripes. This is because horizontal lines have the effect of widening your body instead of lengthening it. Instead of horizontal lines, you want to create vertical lines with accessories and prints. Moreover, those of you with pear-shaped bodies may also want to avoid contrasting colors in the bottom section. Contrasting colors, like those on the left, create a divide on the wide hip area, creating a disjointed look.

Pair them with heels that lift your body in a way that looks symmetrical.


 A monochromatic outfit is always a good idea for any body type, especially in a dark color. Another tip is to use the horizontal lines of your sleeves to bring attention to your narrow waist. If you have your sleeves fall to your waistline, the eyes will be drawn across to the slimmest part of your body.

Go for boyfriend jeans and not the skinny one

Skinny jeans and extremely tapered pants can overly accentuate your hip area. Either accept this and embrace your prominent hips or make sure you balance your hips out with a top that truly emphasized your waist, shoulders, and bust. It is thus highly recommended to wear loose lowers that hide the area that you are not confident about. Moreover, avoid embellishments and prominent pocket details that will draw the eye to your hips.

Learning about your body shape is crucial to enhancing your style. It’s a critical step to growing your fashion instincts and honing a personal style you feel good in. Choosing the silhouettes that make you confident, learning how your body shape works with new fashion trends, and being able to tweak styles to look more flattering are foundational elements to body shape wardrobe building.

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