4 Major Tips to Control Anger Outbursts



We, humans, are full of emotions. We go through a profusion of emotions in a day, be it happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, nervousness, etc. But one emotion that takes a toll on our mental and physical wellness is ANGER. Thus, it is extremely imperative to control anger before it starts controlling you.
The choices we make when angry can often come back to haunt us, but the cycle can be hard to break. It can go to an extent of ruining your relationships and career. This makes it even more crucial to have a check on our anger outbursts. But the question is how to control such a powerful emotion.
We have figured out some ways to minimalize such anger outbursts. Let’s have a look at them.

Recognize Trigger Points

Anger is a reaction to certain scenarios that trigger you. They can be anything, big or small. It is important to know what triggers you and leads to anger outbursts. Once you know what triggers you, you will become conscious and will be mentally more prepared.

Moreover, once you learn to identify the signs that your temper is about to rise, you can learn to use the methods mentioned below to contain and reframe your anger. So, observe yourself to cure yourself.

Relax Your Mind

Anger can be tough to control but not impossible. The moment you feel angry just take a moment of silence and take deep breaths. This breathing exercise will instantly relax your mind and you will feel much better and less anxious.

Another effective technique for calming your body is practicing a muscle relaxation exercise. Practicing yoga every day will also help you immensely control your anger issues.

Moreover, you can even escape the situation by walking out of the situation. This way you avoid lashing out at people. Staying alone for some time will calm your mind.

Talk to Someone

Whenever you feel angry, go to the person that you trust and talk about the issue. Having a conversation with someone you’re comfortable with, be it your family or friends, will calm you and you will feel lighter.

Don’t hold back anything. Even if you feel like crying, it’s normal. Just cry it out. You will feel calmer after crying and you will be in your senses.

If you’re an introvert, then you can have a self-talk session. You can talk to yourself in order to relax. Talking yourself through a difficult moment can be very powerful.

Do something that Makes you Happy

You can distract yourself by doing something that makes you happy. You can watch a movie, listen to music, eat your favorite food, do gardening, go for a night out with friends, go on a long drive or just read a good novel. Do whatever brings a smile to your face.

Anger is tough to control. It makes you vulnerable and is capable of creating problems for you as well as the people around you as your blood pressure can rocket the moment someone calls you. But if you follow the above-mentioned tips religiously then you can control your anger and can live a better life.



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